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Creating Luxury Kitchen Extension, Loft Conversion, and Home Renovation in London and surrounding areas

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NGC Build 
Home Renovation

Building homes you can enjoy and create memories with your family

If your home requires a little love and care, you may be considering a renovation. A renovation can be a great way to breathe new life into your existing home, and, of course, you'll be able to put your own stamp on the property. 


Open up your home and create a new sense of space with well-planned structural alterations. By opening up the layout of your ground floor, you can completely change how your home feels and looks. With some new layouts, you can have the best of both worlds – plenty of light and airy space without losing any of the cosiness of your existing home. As well as being visually more appealing, open-plan living can provide new opportunities for socialising and entertaining with family and friends 


Whatever the project's scope, a renovation can be a great way to enhance your home's look and feel. Renovations can increase the value of your home and make it more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. For example, installing new central heating or full rewiring can help improve energy efficiency, while removing the chimney breast can add much-needed extra space in the bedroom or living room. 


If you live in a listed building, attention to detail is a must. Here at NGC Build, we have worked on many listed buildings and with various trusts, including Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust. While renovation can breathe new life into the property, it’s also a great opportunity to preserve its historical value and restore its original features to their glory days 


If you’re considering making changes or updating your home, contact us about the potential improvements that can be made to your home

Home Renovation London

Home Renovation Services

Our Focus Areas

NGC Build has carried out many home renovation projects. Learn more below about the different types of home renovation services we provide.


Full House Renovation

Complete home renovation projects involve a comprehensive overhaul of a property's interior and exterior spaces, transforming dated or inefficient layouts into modern, functional living environments. These renovations often involve structural modifications, such as removing walls or adding extensions, to maximise space and improve flow, from updating kitchens and bathrooms to refreshing living areas and bedrooms.

Home Renovation London


Structure Alterations

Structural changes to create an open-plan layout involve removing or modifying existing walls, partitions, or structural elements within your home to seamlessly merge separate living spaces into a unified, open-concept design.

By removing load-bearing walls between rooms and maximising natural light and airflow, open-plan layouts create a sense of spaciousness, connectivity, and versatility, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of the living space.

Home Renovation London



Converting an existing house into flats is a strategic way to maximise the potential of a property, particularly in areas with high demand for rental accommodation or multi-unit housing. This process involves transforming a single-family home into multiple self-contained residential units, each with its own distinct living space, amenities, and entrance.

By repurposing existing structures, property owners can unlock new income streams, address housing shortages, and contribute to urban revitalisation efforts while providing much-needed housing options for tenants.

Home Renovation London
Home Renovation London


Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise to multiple construction sectors, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one project at a time.



Converting homes into Houses in Multiple Occupations (HMOs) presents an innovative solution to address the growing demand for affordable and flexible housing options, particularly in London. HMO conversions involve transforming traditional residential properties into shared living spaces that accommodate multiple tenants, each with their own private bedroom, while sharing communal areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Reconfiguring existing homes into HMOs, property owners can unlock new income streams, capitalise on the growing demand for affordable housing options, and contribute to addressing housing shortages in densely populated urban areas.

Home Renovation London


Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are transformative projects that enhance a home's functionality and aesthetics. These rooms are essential to daily life, and renovating them can significantly improve living spaces' overall comfort and enjoyment. 

Kitchen renovations often involve updating outdated kitchen units, worktops, appliances, and flooring and optimising layout and storage solutions to create a more efficient and stylish cooking environment. Furthermore, tiling the walls and floors will give the bathroom a much-needed fresh look. 

Home Renovation London


Summer House &
Garden Office

Building a summer house or garden office offers numerous benefits for homeowners. Firstly, these structures provide additional living and working spaces, expanding the property's functionality. The summer house offers a tranquil retreat for relaxation, entertaining or enjoying hobbies, such as a gym room, while the garden office provides a dedicated workspace free from distractions, fostering productivity and creativity. Additionally, both structures allow you to make the most of their outdoor space, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Ultimately, building a summer house and garden office enhances the home's lifestyle and value, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and functionality.

Home Renovation London
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Home Renovation Design Ideas

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